Super cool kid's frames - Life = Youpi!

Among all brands of children's glasses, Youpi! eyewear really stands out. Its popularity is mainly due to its cheerful colours, playful patterns and an excellent fit for small kids. The name says it all: the message behind this children's brand is that wearing glasses is great fun! Life = Youpi!
The Youpi! collection consists of a range of colourful frames - playful, hip and very robust. Before creating the collection, a detailed survey was carried out. "Children often find glasses boring", says design manager Arianne Jonkergouw, "and they complain that they are being bullied about wearing them. That's why we carried out a survey into what children wearing glasses really like. What did we come up with? Kids want bright colours, drawings and prints. And of course the glasses need to be robust and strong."Not run of the mill, sometimes sweet & sugar, but tough, funky and cool!


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